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Teflon™ Carpet Protection

Teflon carpet protection can help to preserve that flawless result of having your carpets professionally cleaned. While most carpets come with a mill-applied protective coating like Teflon, that original coating wears off over time, quickening the disintegration and discoloration of carpet fibers.
Teflon™ Carpet Protection

Our Carpet Protector Can Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet

Having the Teflon carpet protection reapplied is especially beneficial after your carpets have been professionally cleaned when the built-up dirt and dust are removed from the carpet fibers. At Steam Action, our protector of choice is DuPont Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector.

Our odor deodorization process is designed to destroy odors at the source and remove them from hard surfaces, textiles, carpets, and carpet backings. Let's face it. Some odors have a way of getting all over everything.

The industry standard of topical treatments is not always effective. We utilize special ultraviolet technology and extraction tools to identify problem areas. Treatments allow us to treat not only the fiber itself but odor in the backing, padding, and subflooring.

What Is Teflon™ Advanced Carpet Protection?

Teflon™ is an invisible shield that provides higher repellency and exceptional soil protection for all residential and commercial carpets and your upholstery. The Teflon™ Advanced technology helps carpets stay cleaner, brighter, newer, and fresher through your everyday wear and tear! The coating forms a bond around individual carpet fibers, much like Teflon bonds to a skillet, providing the non-stick, liquid-repellent properties to the carpet fibers. The coating keeps dust and grime from sticking to carpet fibers, improving the vacuuming effectiveness. Also, that layer of Teflon™ Advanced repels liquids, so cleaning up spills becomes easier. Teflon™ Advanced products go through extensive testing and have shown to be safe for children and pets and are safely being used in homes. Teflon™ Advanced does not contain any formaldehyde.

How Is Teflon™ Advanced Carpet Protector Applied?

Due to the Teflon creating a unique invisible shield around each carpet fiber, Teflon™ Advanced carpet protector must be professionally applied by Steam Action. Teflon® is sprayed onto a freshly cleaned carpet and raked in for even distribution. The application of Teflon™ Advanced carpet protector after cleaning will ensure that the performance of the fiber will be maintained. Carpet Manufacturers recommend that Teflon™ Advanced carpet protector be applied after every cleaning. The Teflon™ application also helps maintain carpet manufacturers' warranties. The Teflon treatment dries quickly and leaves no odor. Teflon™ Advanced Carpet Protector is non-toxic and safe for families and pets. Teflon™ Advanced is CFC-free.

Does Cleaning Remove The Teflon® Protector?

Under normal conditions and with consistent care, Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector will provide long-lasting benefits. Over time the Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector can be removed from the fibers due to heavy traffic or aggressive cleaning. Strong cleaning agents and chemicals can also remove the coating. Given these factors, Steam Action recommends reapplying Teflon each time the carpet is professionally cleaned. Teflon™ Advanced also works on upholstery that is not subject to water damage as in silk and other more exotic fabrics. Teflon is suitable to protect upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, polyester, and blends of these fibers. Keep in mind if water damage is a possibility or a concern, do not apply the product.

What Are The Key Benefits Of The Teflon Product?

Teflon™ Advanced provides a barrier around the carpet fibers that improve repellency against spills and soil protection.

The following are other benefits of Teflon™ carpet protector:

  • Forms an invisible shield around each fiber
  • Provides extra time to clean up spills
  • Minimizes wicking and the spreading of stains.
  • Helps carpets last longer
  • Protects your carpet investment
  • Helps make carpets easier to care for
  • Safe around family and pets

Will My Furnishings And Carpet Re-Soil Faster?

Is there truth to the rumor that protectors are ineffective and cause carpets and furnishings to appear dirty faster than when left untreated? Appropriately applied Teflon™ Advanced coats each little fiber with a transparent seal that wraps around every nook and cranny. This seal will keep the soil from bonding to each tiny thread; thus, the dirt can more easily be picked up with your regular vacuum.

Your carpets and furnishings will stay cleaner longer with Teflon®Advanced. Also, the protectant will help resist stains, spills, and spots (sometimes in dramatic beading fashion). It is crucial to quickly wipe up spills and vacuum regularly after the Teflon® Advanced application. Dirt and grime are abrasive and, if not removed, will eventually break the Teflon® Advanced invisible barrier.

So, ask about Teflon® Advanced before your next cleaning! Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer!

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